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We offer a wide range of services for your pond needs. This includes different service programs that wont break the bank!

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly Maintenance Programs 

  • Yearly, Bi-yearly and on call cleanout programs

  • Fish and Plant Sourcing 

  • Drainless Cleanouts 

  • Filter Service, Replacement, Installation and repair 

  • UV and Electronic Algae Control Service 

  • 24/7 Monitoring Service With SENEYE POND 



We offer full pond cleanout services to all of our customers. This includes a full drain. The fish are stored in one of our temporary pools while we wash all of the dirt and algae away. We then refill the pond and place the fish back in leaving your pond looking brand new! Keep it looking that way with one of our maintenance programs. 


We offer similar services for our aquarists too! This includes the same analyzation and similar tools to fit all if your aquarium needs..

  • Weekly and Bi-weekly Services 

  • Monthly and On Call Cleanout Programs

  • Full Spectrum Water Testing, Both Chemical and Electronic 

  • CO2 Services 

  • Fish and Plant Sourcing 

  • New Pre-Fab Tank Setups

  • Filter Service 

  • 24/7 Monitoring Service with SENEYE HOME

  • PLEASE NOTE: Freshwater Only

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Monitoring Services Provided By Seneye

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*Mobile apps & mobile site

Keeping a well-trained eye on your loved ones just became a whole lot easier. Senye's app provides you with a snapshot of all your latest readings. Don’t have a smartphone, tablet or don’t want an app? Not a problem, there is also a mobile website version of the app. Plus modern mobiles with HTML5 compatible browsers can also access the full site

*SMS & Email Alerts

You will be alerted to any problem the seneye monitors immediately. Seneye will send you an email to the email address you used for your account. You can also add a mobile phone number to receive alerts via text message anywhere in the world even when your mobile data is turned off.

All of our customers will have the option to let Phillips-Trembly monitor tank/pond data and notify you if emergency service is needed. The customer also has full control and can view the same data anytime!

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*Available on iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows 10

24/7 continuous, auto-refreshing data at your fingertips.


We Can Monitor For You As Well!

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Seneye Dashboard Demo
Seneye App

* Please Note The Above Images, information on Seneye services, Logo, & Dashboard Demo Are Owned By Seneye, LTD. Phillips-Trembly, LLC does not own these images or information provided. We are simply offering installation of the equipment and services they provide along with the information they provide with the option for us to monitor your pond/tank information. Please Visit For More Information

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